Sunday, January 30, 2011

let your dreams become reality for just this one moment. let your heart fulfill its desire.

feel it. the air, the emotions. and let them get into you.

move your body to the song from your heart and i'll sway with you.

let us dance,

i will dance with you till the end of the night

cause you will never know that this might be our last dance <3

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Tuesday, December 21, 2010

when everything is not right, you will not tell me it is but you will stick by my side and help me get through everything.
when i am wrong, you will tell me i am wrong but in a way i won't fight you back.
when i hang out with you and your friends, you will not come to listen to me but make me feel that i belong in your community.
when i ask you to tell me everything, you will but still, you remain mysterious.
when i call you, don't answer me directly or i'll get bored with you.
when i text you, reply me soon because i'll start calling you in five minutes.

and when i say iloveyou, don't fall for it because i might love you just as a best friend.

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Saturday, May 29, 2010

hello, well, it's been long.

nothing much.

it's been a year of boys.

boys, boys and their problems.

and me.

their problem with me. their problem about me. their problem that they talked to me about.

STUDY ZONE, I LOVE so much. i hung out there almost everyday that my mom finally wanted me to stop being there 24/7.

i couldn't help.

because, even if i was just there to sleep. i like it. even if you left me there for the whole year, i still like it. even if you never let me step out of there, i still like it. <3


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Saturday, January 30, 2010

nothing much...

stressed out...


trying so hard not to break down and become a crazy girl...

because i'm half way to that direction...

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Wednesday, January 20, 2010

i have clearly no idea of what's going on with me.

i just have this feeling of my heart wanted to burst out of my chest.

i wanted to cry.

and cry like a baby!

shit, it really burns.

i don't know why, i don't know anything.

it, just...there!

i'm damned and i can't do any of my work like this. this is one crazy shit.
i'm just burning and burning and burning. and later turned to ashes.
ashes that flies away by the wind.

now i'm poetic, damned!

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Saturday, January 16, 2010

sorry i took a long time to post this...and by 'long time' i mean nearly two to three months. even babah bakal haji pun jadi babah haji sudah wah. besides, not my fault, i have no internet connection and no laptop - pacah kali ah screen laptop ku time cuti! anyway here we go...

Babah Haji and Mummy Fatin nostalgia of '09...

the pizza for his one-month leaving...

sweet eh...parents photo of 5Y...

-this pictures was taken on Aznil's last day of school before he went for Haj. we treated him pizza which supposedly tasconi but we did fine with Pizza Hut.

extra, extra :

salasilah keluarga Y
just for fun =D

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Wednesday, January 13, 2010

it's been a long time since i updated this blog... last post, 9th November '09, today is 13th January ' do the maths.

school reopen; same thing over the four years. except this year we have approximately 1000 students in the morning session which i may add that only 150++ ish students for the Year 7 this year, it's half of our batch. nway, back to talking about the 1000 students, the canteen is full with the 1000 having their breaktime at the same 30 minutes period.

class; we changed our class teacher from Miss Mel to Teacher Isma. ^^
monitor this year, azim and monitress, alyn.
nice subject teachers.

study; trying to score in June 'o' level, have to work hard, and read and read and read.

holiday; went to mall with ad, mal and rose. watched zombieland, freaky. didn't have time to go with classmates eventhough they have invited me several times but i just can't come because of stupid reasons i.e. my brother trying to make me crazy??
didn't went to KL. yeah, sucks.
just went to Miri. even that was not planned.
enjoy the days with family -obvious.
went to Mar's birthday party at capers and had the carbonara i've been craving for, thanks mar. elyana and ida was there, and ofcourse feez and we sort of have our little reunion there after my birthday...and well...
went to KB for barbecue at Uda Abas's house, and celebrated Mina's birthday. and the twin sisters', Ka Sanah and Pjah and the anniversary of their parents.
nice weather there, it's windy at night and we all ate outside.
celebrated yayah's birthday at Buimas's house. well, the surprise was at night but we stayed there since afternoon after celebrating izzan's first birthday with the jollibee and we danced to nobody; me, qilah, buimas and the jollibee mascot. nice day and good fun.

extra, extra; went to Hajah Feez's birthday celebration at utama bowling. and us who didn't know how to play bowling, just throw the ball. and lucky ida got strike. abang eqbal was there, well, didn't know they made up. effie got cramps because wrong way to throw the ball...

GBSK; we had fun swimming- i don't actually swim, except for the history i made which Rose, ad, mal and syaz - those who went with me, can't forget it until i don't know when. took talent club as cca, but we'll go back to scouts if the club is cancelled.

me; know something that is unexpected. stuck in the middle. going crazy for a while and been moody for a day, which is today. people, i shouted at zay, unexpectedly. and i'm seriously sorry. designed something during DnT period, it'll be nice if i just can turn it real.
i'm not 'over' things, it was just sick. the 'thing' is driving me around crazy and got me wrapped up around 'its' finger, again. because of that crazy, nice looking, 'thing' of the thing.
i kinda had a 'thing' for my little stalker, well, maybe i'm too sensitive with him. who knows.
but there's something when the eyes clashes.
and there's a thing called 'thing no.2' who always made me want to cry talking about 'it' because 'it' loved to unintentionally hurt me and noticed it -maybe didn't, but didn't have the slightest care for it. crazy...

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